Steinbeis Transfer Management S.R.L. (Lead Partner), Romania

The Romanian Steinbeis enterprise was established in 2005. It acts as an head office of the growing network of Steinbeis Transfer Centers in Romania. Collaboration agreements are signed with universities in Alba Iulia, Bucharest, Cluj Napoca and Galati.

STM is fully embedded in the Steinbeis Network which is an international service provider in entrepreneurial knowledge and technology transfer. Specialized in chosen areas Steinbeis’ portfolio of services covers consulting, research and development, training and employee development as well as evaluation and expert reports for every sector of technology and management. Total number of Steinbeis Centers: approx. 1,060 (as of 31.12.2016).

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AREA di ricerca scientifica e tecnologica di Trieste – AREA Science Park, Italy

AREA Science Park promotes the development of innovation processes: for 40 years it has carried out the mission of creating a propulsive connection between the research and the business world, between the public and the private sector, driving the development of territories.

Specialized skills for business innovation services, creation and development of innovative startups, advanced training, world-class technology facilities and infrastructures for industrial research: these are the strengths that AREA offers to the economic systems, both at regional, national and international level.

AREA Science Park manages the science and technology park, based on 3 campuses located in Trieste and Gorizia, with 80,000 square meters of equipped facilities for R&D activities.

At present 76 players operate in the park: 68 high-tech companies, out of which 20 are startups, and 8 national and international research centers, engendering job opportunities for 2,600 employees.

AREA Science Park currently focuses on life sciences, materials and ICT.

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Spoločné Regiony – Common Regions, Slovakia

Slovakian NGO Common Regions represents a group of highly qualified experts in Kosice and Bratislava.

ТОВ «Штайнбайс Трансфер Менеджмент» – Ltd «Steinbeis Transfer Management», Ukraine

Steinbeis in Ukraine is located in Uzhgorod, an university city in the very South West of Ukraine. Target regions for foreign investments in Slovakia, Hungary and Romania are in direct neighborhood. STM Ukraine is an independent legal entity but is also strongly embedded in the international Steinbeis Network.

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Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners support aims and activities of EEII but do not have an active role in the project. However, the experiences and networks of strategic partners are an added value for EEII.

European Development Agency,
Uzhorod National University,
University of Udine,

The Danube Strategic Project Fund (DSPF)

For facilitating the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (the “EUSDR”), a grant has been awarded by the European Union and the City of Vienna to provide small scale financial support to eligible strategic projects (the “Danube Strategic Project Fund”). DSPF is a new facility aiming at supporting the implementation of transnational strategic projects aligned with the objectives of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) and it primarily focuses on innovative pre-mature projects which could not be funded so far and provides support for projects and initiatives which do not fit into another program or funding scheme. It has specific added value at the interfaces between cohesion and enlargement/ neighbourhood policy and it is co-financed by the European Comission (97 %) and the City of Vienna (3 %). More about DSPF.