European Early Innovators Initiative

The basis. Since 2017.

The initiative is designed as a complex action to overcome current gaps in Danube Macro Region consisting in poor interest of youth in studying STEM (sciences, technology, economics, mathematics). Moreover, awareness on problems that current industry faces in order to tackle the global competition on innovation stays out limited or out of interest area. Furthermore, focus on successful stories related to best practices (like in Germany and Austria) to encourage youth to get more involved are not enough taken into consideration resulting in a poor almost to inexistent liasiasion between youth and work environment – in general, research (academic) and industry – in particular.

Internal project work is combined with measures what involve stakeholders and beneficiaries. Both of them need to be active in order to acheive expected results as qualified workforce and innovative products that successfully overcome volatility of the current global markets.

Empirism has showed us that initiatives are not designed to resist unless there a designed program behind. A successful one involve main stakeholders and it is intended to pass the test of time in term of current and future market needs. That is why projection of this initiative takes into account its effects as we measure success by the effects of the project has and also the way we deal with the impact on mid and long term.

It is important to train young scientists and not only to act and think as entrepreneurs and focus their research on helping companies to be more innovative, understand their needs and find solutions that better fit to current environment.

Initiative is aimed to train young scientists from Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia; program is designed to find those tools that make Danube region find synchronicity in all the its actions in the field of science and research. Expected result is not only to foster a culture of innovation but to build it and make it resistant and perfectly fitted to the challenges in case they raise.