The initiative is designed as a complex action. Internal project work is combined with meassures what involve stakeholders and beneficiaries. We work target oriented and achieve results which become basis for the future strategic program. That strategic European Early Innovators Program (EEIP) will be prepared by the ongoing EEII. Funding opportunities for EEIP will be identified and a strong consortium will be established.

The aim is also to support young scientist in RO, SK and UA to become successful entrepreneurs and to think and act as such. On this way, the project contributes to the thriving of the young scientist in the region and thus fosters the entrepreneurial spirit and the culture of innovation.

Main components of the initiative

a. Generating knowledge:

  • a guide-analysis of start-ups and spin-offs, initiatives, available facilities; the document will show how young entrepreneurs and researchers can benefit from existing programs or facilities; 
  • a study/paper on recommendations to bring most suitable solutions in guiding youth to STEM or in stimulating young researchers to work market oriented;
  • a research on identifying and evaluating funding programs from national, regional and EU institutions;
  • a benchmark analysis of existing solutions in Germany and Italy regarding private-public partnerships for supporting the future strategic project and recommendations for fostering PPP in DR;

b. Organising events

  • 2 networking and pitching events to exhibit innovative ideas, prototypes and products to potential financial and industrial partner (linking research and industry): first one will be in Romania and second will be in Italy;
  • 2 events to present PPP as option for funding projects: first one will be in Ukraine and the second one will be in Slovakia;

c. Proving tools

  • 9 scientists from RO, SK and UA will be coached and for 5 of them potential business partners/investors will be identified to continue collaboration after the DSPF project is ended

d. Rising awareness

  • dissemination of best practice in supporting young entrepreneurs and researchers;
  • communication between young researchers and entrepreneurs;
  • recommendations to decision makers of EU macro-regions;
  • EEII website what will be maintained by Steinbeis in Romania after the project is ended; input from all all project partners will be taken into account;