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Closed: Call for Expressions of Interest

EEII project partners invite 9 young scientists from Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine to present their proposals and research to potential investors and business partners.

December 4th and 5th we meet in Trieste.

EEII in Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

Four times a year, Steinbeis provide insights into the innovative projects carried out within the Steinbeis Network and looks at the questions currently being investigated through research and development.

Issue 2/2018 reports on EEII.


The document shows existing programs and facilities what young entrepreneurs and researchers can benefit from.

About content: start-up initiatives, funding opportunites, networks and much more. 

Project Partners of EEII issue the Guide as a result of an extensive desk research, executed March-June 2018. The analysis creates also the knowledge base for presenting conclusions and recommendations at EEII events. It is also basis for planning the future European Early Innovators Program what will follow to the ongoing initiative.