From EEII to EEIP: The initiative (EEII) also aims to prepare the strategic support action “European Early Innovators Program – EEIP”.

In future, EEIP

  • allows enterprises to strengthen competitiveness by applying latest technologies, developed on basis of market oriented research which is executed by highly motivated and competent young scientists;
  • makes young scientists learning to think and act like entrepreneurs;
  • contributes to growing the number of scientists;
  • elaborates tools in the program that are available in all Danube Region and foster a culture of innovation;
  • stimulates collaboration of stakeholders and decision-makers across macro-regions.

The estimated total value of the future project is: 2.8 Mio. €. To ensure the strategic dimension, the DSPF project is developed in 3-4 phases of which each can be implemented as an individual project. The value of each is 2-3 Mio €.

Details of EEIP will be discussed. Expressions of interest and comments are highly welcome.